KIDZ Co-Working Space & Playroom

KIDZ ~ Kiwi Innovative Development Zone (Co-Working Space) “Kidz~In~De~Zone”

My Mum has asked to share our new project here with this page, we have been busy working on some exciting new stuff. If you want to contact her you can contact Tracey on 021520539 or email her

# New Year / New Start – open home Invitations to trial FREE

How many other parents struggle with the work / life balance especially difficult when juggling family / children demands over the school holiday period, and as we prepare for the new year.

Fresh start to 2018 I’ve started to introduce new CHILD INCLUSIVE co-working space for self employed parents… freelance contractors, work from home parents, remote workers/ students and entrepreneurs…

I have 5 children myself and have struggled juggling work with child care responsibilities, affordability, suitability, and accessibility balanced with other life demands. As a self employed taxpayer in New Zealand accessing child care subsidy has been a nightmare we are unfairly penalised with a system formula that adds back business related expenses and depreciation to create an income figure that exceeds child care subsidy thresholds for working parents.

There has been a rise in co-work spaces throughout New Zealand. I have looked into this growing trend and found nothing offered in my region that includes children. Most are located in cities or larger towns where parking is a real problem to access, is expensive and inconvenient.

I have decided to offer alternative options that include children, where parents can work on their stuff while their children are taken care of under the same roof.

To kick things off I’m hosting a series of open home / playroom… encounters with nibbles and chance to chat and collaborate with like minded entrepreneurs… while children can play… if anyone is near Te Puke, Bay of Plenty, you are most welcome to pop in and hang out for FREE… all comments and contributions are welcomed as this forms part of my primary market research… to find out if there is a need and who would use it.

Address location is the (yet to be named) big red house address is on No 1 Road, Te Puke, 021520539

….still in the process of setting up a nice children’s play space with organized supervision … looking for ideas contributions… maybe even some child specialised sponsorship options.

… and a shared space for big people like us BIG KIDZ to hang out, connect, have fun and get stuff done!

This would suit anyone; Mums, Dads, Grans, self-employed, stay at home parents, entrepreneurs etc to be able to have a few hours to just hang out with some friendly faces, have a cuppa, and get connected… have fun… collaborate, network, talk about the latest tough stuff etc or just some quiet space to get on with some work or project… while children are happy doing their thing…

In fact over time I would love to grow this into a KIDZ Entrepreneurial Acadamy where we can appreciate the unique abilities within our children and include entrepreneurial opportunities that include financial and business literacy development opportunities. Skills and experiences that we BIG KIDZ struggle learning after we leave school.

We could provide real opportunities for our young children to learn through play and doing, collaborating, exploring, creating and sharing.     Our Kidz could create their own range of products, and solutions to be sold at l9cal markets to self fund their next range of projects. For children attending local schools the bus stops right outside the door, so instead of going to an after school program or hanging out at home they could hang out with other young entrepreneurs and do cool stuff for a few hours under the guidance of some great facilitators.

There has been some interest expressed by a few parents for some Parenting Workshops with a twist, could include;

  • Understanding Uniquness
  • Navigating Neuro-diversity
  • Intentional Invisibly Inclusive
  • Supporting Smart Kidz
  • Boosting Business Minded Kidz

For those who may not know me. To introduce myself I love living in our town and have a number of interests; I’m a social entrepreneur, interested in disruptive technologies to help improve our world. I’m a mother of 5 children, married, self employed business, traveler, blogger, wealthy affiliate, and most recently interested in positive social impacts like affordable housing and eliminating poverty.

As I’ve said my most recent interest is working towards creating a co-working space with child care / entertainment space to help parents juggle their work / life balance. Eventually I would love to scale this to create a multigenerational co-living co-working Community…. and to be the first in NZ to do this. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone better in our community as well…